China’s Athleisure Market Isn’t Going Anywhere As Functional Fitness Wear Brands Expand

There’s been debate in the last few months as to whether athleisure will lose its status as a top global fashion trend, or whether sales will begin to falter because upscale yoga pants for work just won’t cut it. But it seems that there’s no slowing down in China when it comes to brands capitalizing on Chinese consumers’ hunger for fitness-inspired fashion.

However, many companies dedicated to making garments for Chinese health junkies are ditching the term “athleisure” because, like Fast Company suggests in its 2017 predictions article, the word refers too much to a fad where people wear athletic clothes simply because they’re stylish. Instead, these forward-thinking labels, like Lululemon and local denim brand Zodiac Active, are marketing garments that incorporate function and fashion for an active lifestyle.


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