Michael Jordan won the battle for his own name in China

China’s highest court has ruled in favour of former basketball star Michael Jordan after a four-year-long trademark case relating to a local sportswear firm using the Chinese version of his name.

Qiaodan Sports Co. Ltd. is a province brand based in China (Fujian) which owns around 6,000 shops selling sportswear and shoes throughout China, using the “well-recognized” Jordan’s Chinese name. According to Supreme People’s Court, the company will have to give up its registration of the Chinese version of Qiaodan, pronounced “Chee-ow-dahn”

Qiaodan is a family-owned business, that had registered the trademark more than a ten years ago. Jordan sued the company in 2012, claiming that the company had damaged his legal rights to his name and asking that its trademark registrations be removed. Lower courts have ruled in favour of the Chinese company.


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