China continues economic expansion offering growth opportunities for US brands

China’s consumer economy is expected to expand by about half by 2020

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E-tailer Moonbasa Identifies 15 Store Locations in China


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Why “Customer First” Should be the New Mantra in China

Chinese automakers are selling more cars than ever before. But Chinese drivers aren’t especially enjoying the experience. According to a new study from market research firm J.D. Power, Chinese satisfaction with the whole process of buying a new car — everything from the showroom to the salesperson — declined in the last 12 months. And those who bought local cars had the worst experiences: Only five Chinese brands made it into in the top 25 for overall sales satisfaction — in China.

That’s probably not the sort of statistic that keeps Chinese leaders awake at night. But it should, given that China’s manufacturing-based economy is rapidly transitioning into one largely based on services. As Chinese consumers become richer and more sophisticated, their expectations for quality of service are rising as well. Meeting those demands is going to require a fundamental shift of mindset across a whole range of industries, from cars to clothes.

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Department of commerce commercial services learns about Moonbasa and how small to medium US Fashion brands can sell in China.

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What influences Chinese shoppers to buy foreign brands?

SHANGHAI: Status no longer drives Chinese consumers to buy international clothing brands, but they are still willing to pay a premium of more than 20%, a new survey has found.

Almost half of Chinese consumers say they prefer global apparel brands over domestic brands, and their willingness to pay extra is because of perceptions about the superior quality and design of foreign clothing.

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Wondering about the habits of China’s online shopper?

Chinese online shoppers can be categorized into six types, the frequent women shoppers, the quality-conscience men shoppers, the young shoppers, the middle-age shoppers, the high-income shoppers, and the practical shoppers.

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China gets into the health and wellness trend with non-luxury brands leaving opportunity for lesser known.

For Beijing resident Alex He, the cost of a trip to the mall can easily top $3,000. He, 29, works in the finance industry and while he doesn’t regularly go shopping for clothes, “when I do shop,” he said in an interview, “I buy a lot.” Recent purchases include several pairs of Adidas shoes that he found at an outlet mall. He also fancies Under Armour shorts and shirts. “I used to buy a lot of luxury brands but in the last year or so I’ve been purchasing more of the sports brands because they are more comfortable and more fashionable,” said He.


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Do you know how to market your brand in China?

Chinese millennials are the future market and already a powerful consumer group today.

Having grown up in an increasingly wealthy China, they are optimistic about their future and curious about any products the world has to offer. Millennials live and spend in the “here and now”, rather than being concerned about possible upcoming hardships.

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Check out this menswear trend that should make LA makers perk up their ears…

LONDON, United Kingdom — Last year, China’s luxury market dipped 2 percent to CNY113 billion (about $17.2 billion). The chief culprits? Declining sales of menswear, watches and leather goods, according to Bain & Company.

For luxury menswear purveyors like Zegna, Dunhill and Hugo Boss, all of which moved into China in the ‘90s and rely on the region for a significant part of their businesses, this is bad news. Last year, Zegna’s sales in China — the company’s largest market — fell 5 percent, while Hugo Boss’s China sales fell 2 percent in local currency, dragged down by poor menswear sales, which declined by a double-digit rate for the second consecutive year.

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Moonbasa continues expansion with brick and mortar online offline strategy.



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